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Drinking Coffee before Bed Increase Metabolism

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Coffee was once considered to be an unhealthy drink for its high caffeine content, but it is not as bad as it is actually considered. Coffee has several health benefits too.  Newer studies have proved that drinking coffee may have benefits like increased rate of metabolism.



Increased Metabolism

Several coffee drinkers have one cup coffee in the morning that provides them a jolt of energy as well as increased concentration. These stimulating advantages of coffee are also associated with a short-term increase in the metabolic rate. The caffeine present in two cups of coffee can burn up to 50 additional calories in an hour, over the next four hours.


When to Drink It

Drinking coffee at a specific time, like immediately before bed, does not tend add any advantage to the metabolism-boosting effects of coffee. Coffee does affect different people differently, but it is mostly suggested not to consume coffee for at least four hours before going to bed in order to ensure a good night's sleep. The metabolic effects of coffee are associated with the presence of caffeine.


How to Prepare It

If you are drinking coffee in order to boost your rate of metabolism, drink it black. Upon adding the calories present in milk, cream or sugar to your cup of coffee, you end up canceling out any calorie-burning effects.


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Drinking Coffee Before Bed Increase Metabolism