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How To Chill Coffee Quick

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I had almost given up making iced coffee until I learned some secrets of chilling coffee quickly. By learning how to chill coffee quickly I saved myself from messing up my cold coffee every now and then. Since I have messed it many times, I do not want others to face the same difficulty and therefore I am sharing my knowledge on how to chill coffee quickly with all coffee fanatics.



  • Firstly brew coffee normally by adding cream and sugar. You van even add vanilla if you like it with coffee.
  • Pour the coffee in a glass that can accommodate all coffee and also has some place for formation of ice.
  • Cool the glass of coffee slightly so it doesn’t have any effect on the zip lock bag that you will use to chill coffee.
  • In a zip lock poly bag place some ice cubes and place the zip lock bag inside the glass of coffee. It will cool the coffee without making the coffee watery.
  • Let the ice cubes cool your coffee for a minute. Remove the poly bag and throw away the ice and water contained in it.
  • Place fresh ice cubes and repeat the procedure.
  • Your delicious cold coffee is ready in minutes and most importantly it doesn’t taste watery. 


Making chilled coffee in a breeze is now possible.


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How To Chill Coffee Quick