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How To Choose Coffee Beans – For That Right Taste

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If you love your coffee but have been dissatisfied with the coffee you brew at home then it is high time you checked the quality and type of your coffee beans. Choosing the right coffee beans is highly instrumental in whipping together an addictive steaming cup of coffee. Here are a few tips on how to choose coffee beans – for that right taste:
Freshly Roasted Coffef beans
Where your coffee bean is bought from, how and when it is roasted,  how it is ground and when it is used are deciding factors on how your coffee will taste:
Where to buy Coffee beans?- If you want to buy only good quality coffee beans then ensure that you don’t buy them from your local super market. In case you are buying it form your local shop then ensure that the coffee beans are smooth, well rounded and smell good. Also if they are already roasted then ensure that you check the roasting date or sell by date and pick up the freshest batch.
Now if you are genuinely looking for the right taste then you need to buy the perfect coffee beans from coffee houses or gourmet shops. There will be people here who know more about coffee and might even allow you to taste the coffee before you make your choice
What kind of roasts?
When a raw coffee bean is roasted their flavors and aroma are released because of the release of the oils and acids in them.  Each type of coffee bean has a different combination of oils and acids which gives it, its unique flavor. Before roasting, ensure that the coffee beans you have picked are fresh.
There are various kinds of roasts and they vary from the lightest to the darkest. For a roaster the main aim is to strike a balance between the acid and body of the coffee beans. It is the acid in the roasted coffee bean that gives its flavor and aroma. Remember though, that as the beans get darker like in the French or Italian roasts the more is the is the loss of the acids.
Try not to pick up the lightest roasts usually known as the cinnamon roasts. They are very low in body, and high In acids like the chlorogenic acid which imparts to the coffee a distinct sourness. The cinnamon roasts are commercially popularized as they are low in body, which means that fewer coffee beans need to be ground to make one pound of coffee…this obviously spells profit to companies.
City Roast or Light medium roast is darker than the cinnamon roast. Next comes the medium roast or full-city and then comes the darker roasts. Vienna, French, Italian, and Expresso are a few of the darker roasts and they are perfect for those who love to add dollops of cream to their coffee. Expresso is the darkest and is very low in acid and is very heavy bodied so use it carefully and they are perfect for those who like it strong.
Experiment with various kinds of roasts until you find your choice
Which Coffee Flavor will you choose?
There are myriad coffees with a variety of flavors and your choice will depend on your personal likes and dislikes. The flavors can be clear or sharp, mild or full bodied and in quality they can be earthy grassy, winey, spicy, floral, nutty or even fruity. Experiment and make your choice!
Preferred Coffee Species
There are many varieties of coffee found all over the world. The best coffee beans are grown in Latin America, Africa, Indonesia and Hawaii. The two most common ones found in the market are Arabica and Robusta. Always go for Arabica as Robusta gives you low quality coffee.
To get your coffee right every day, ensure that you buy small quantities of coffee beans and grind at home only what is required for that day.
Don’t store coffee beans for long periods and when storing it ensure that they are kept in air tight containers in dark and cool areas and not in the freezer.
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How To Choose Coffee Beans – For That Right Taste