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Learn The Basics Of Home Coffee Roasting

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Nothing can give you as much pleasure as to sip a cup of home-roasted coffee. If you don’t have any idea on this, then you can easily learn the basics of home coffee roasting. The flavor and quality of home-roasted coffee is something which you will find nowhere. Here are few instructions which will help you in learning basics of home coffee roasting.

Coffee beans roasting on a panThere are several methods through which you can roast your own coffee beans at your home. Before going to that, you must be prepared to handle the process of roasting as it is not too simple to start with. You have to maintain proper timing so that the beans do not get over roasted. While roasting you have to move the pan continuously to deliver even roasting for every coffee bean. This will require some practice before you gain the skill. The roasting process causes some fumes which need to be properly vented out. Finally the outer skin of the coffee beans comes out after the roasting process, which you need to clear out to gather the freshly roasted beans. Now, I will discuss some of the easiest methods of roasting coffee at home.

Roasting on stovetop

For this method, you can use a popcorn popper or a simple cast iron skillet or even a heavily made frying pan. Make sure to wash and dry the pan thoroughly to keep it free from any smell of previously cooked food.  Now heat the pan over the stovetop on a medium setting and then put the green coffee beans into it. After closing the lid, you have to move the pan continuously over the flame to provide continuous motion to the beans. Within few minutes the beans will start to crackle and smoke will come out of the lid. You have to continue the moving process till the beans get perfect coffee color. When all the beans are ready, you have to immediately shift them into a metal container to cool down. This method can also be used by substituting stovetop, with fireplace or barbecue oven.

Roasting on Convection Oven

You can also use your convection oven or gas oven for roasting the green coffee beans. This way you can ensure nicely aromatic roasting for larger amount of beans. In this process, you will require a perforated baking pan. Set the temperature of the oven to 500-540oF and then layer the beans inside the perforated pan for roasting. The roasting part might take some time depending upon the features of your oven. Wait for the desired roasted color and aroma and when the beans are done immediately remove from heated pan to a metal container.

Roasting in Coffee Roaster
The coffee roaster machine can be an expensive option in this regard, but nothing can match with the quality of roasting coffee beans in this way. It is much convenient and easy than other methods. The coffee roaster machine saves lot of time to produce evenly roasted coffee beans. You will surely enjoy the strong flavor of these coffee beans, which may not be available in any other way.


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Learn The Basics Of Home Coffee Roasting