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Gulp of joy or hook for forest habitants..

Some smells reminds some warm memories..and COFFEE did the same..
People are addicted to different things & when it come to make a wonder .. i love coffee- THE Experience...of enriching the thoughts and feeling...moving on the ride into the sweet memories lane sipping slowly each aromatic gulp of coffee. Coffee have been linked up to the wonderful time i had in life...My coffee ride started a long back at home when my mom used to prepare coffee for me during winters. NESCAF'E has been the best brand of coffee in INDIA . Nescafe is still the one dat i keep in my kitchen closet..its quick to make and nothing can destroy its flavour and aroma.  College and coffee went hand-in-hand. Hectic College timings made me walk into the restaurants for coffee..and then it was CCD, Cafe Coffee Day at the door-step. Hanging out with friends in CCD was the most awaited thing in my whole day at college. The cozy sofas and rocking music, all added up fun' sipping Coffee. And as the logo of CCD says...indeed there is a lot more we can do on the coffee table.Moving on in I am in B'lore and the CRAZE for COFFEE is still there. And here I discovered KALMANE KOFFEESKalmane koffees have a interesting history as follows:- In 1879, the rich soil of Kalmane estate gave birth to its very first Coffee Plant. Today, 125 Years and four generations later, the estate sprawls across 1000 acres in Chikmagulur, Karnataka and grows uniquely flavoured Arabica Coffee inter cropped with black pepper.
Kalmane estate is also known for its superior quality high grown Robustas to yield exceptionally washed Robustas. This coffee specialised restaurant attracts all generations to enjoy almost about 19 variety of coffees.  They indeed use the freshly crushed beans for the coffee which makes it so aromatic, smooth and pleasant to enjoy. The price ranges have all type of people to serve. The place is warm and just perfect for sipping coffee.  It have its own USP of serving the traditional south-India Filter coffee, flavoured differently with cardamon, cinnamon and very famous Mysore Nuggets.Expresso coffee have about eight variety to choose. One can also choose the beans they prefer to have and buy after being crushed and made powder just in front of you.At present Kalmane Koffees have around 6 outlets in Bangalore and the way it serves, I am sure its going to be sooner all over India.Read more on coffee at given link... how a "gulp of a joy-coffee endangered the species (Rhino, Tiger and Elephant )" living in the forests... Beleive it or not but its reported by the world's largest and most experienced independent conservation organizations "WWF".Coffee lovers like you and me all over the world are unknowingly drinking coffee that was illegally grown inside one of the world’s most important national parks for tigers, elephants and rhinos...somewhere it really shatters whenever NOW i smell coffee...make sure you read out this shocking story..and what the biggest company of coffee producer STARBUCKS need to say....Let the..."GULP OF JOY-Coffee" be not Hook for the forest Habitants..... Expresso Yourself....!!

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Gulp Of Joy Or Hook For Forest Habitants..