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How to properly cold brew coffee?

Traditional method of brewing the coffee would be using hot water. But there is also another method of brewing the coffee, using cold water. This method seems to have its advantages of being more healthier than the hot water brewed coffee since it has less acidic properties. Cold brewing the coffee takes a longer time than it would when you use hot water. At the same time, you would get creamier coffee.



To make cold brew coffee you would need some freshly ground coffee and some water. Place the freshly ground coffee in a container and pout cold water. Keep the container in refrigerator overnight. If you are in a hurry, then 3 to 4 hours refrigeration should serve the purpose.  You can also brew the coffee with normal water at room temperature, leaving the coffee for the same amount of time (12 hours) to brew. Take the container out after refrigeration and strain out the coffee dregs. The cold brew coffee is ready. If you find that your cold brew coffee is a little too strong for your taste, you have two options, to add cream and sugar or add some ice, it dilutes the coffee.
Other than using the container method to make the cold brew, you can also use machines made especially for cold brew coffee. Toddy cold brew system is one of them and claims to be easier than the home made method.
There is some cold brew coffee concentrates sold as well though using freshly ground coffee would be a better idea.

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How To Properly Cold Brew Coffee?