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Dried Salted Cod

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After having soaked the fish for at least 12 hours,1 changing the water twice, put the cod in a pan, cover with cold water, adding 2 or 3 slices of lemon and a small bayleaf.
Heat briskly, and the moment the water bubbles, and a white scum forms on the surface, cover the pan, put on a lower heat, and simmer the cod without boiling for 20 minutes.
Then strain off the liquid.
One of the following sauces should be either poured over the cod or served with it (be sure to salt the sauce much less than usual): hot maitre d'h6tel sauce, caper sauce, fine white sauce, mousseline sauce, melted butter, highly peppered tomato sauce, mayonnaise, vinaigrette sauce , ailloli or garlic mayonnaise together with potatoes and boiled carrots cheese sauce—the last mentioned should be poured over the fish, brown it all lightly under the grill before serving.

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Dried Salted Cod Recipe