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Coconut Ball

Coconut ball, as the name suggests, refers to ball made by using coconut as one of its main ingredients. These balls are small in shape and are prepared both as savory food or dessert.

The coconut used for making the balls is either in milk form or in the shredded or grated form. These balls made of coconut are immensely popular in the Indian cuisines and are known as Coconut laddoos, which are sweet tasting and are often relished by all age groups.

Preparation Overview of Coconut Ball

Ingredients – Coconut ball can be prepared both sweet and salty. While making it sweet, the ingredients for coconut ball recipe include shredded coconut, coconut milk, cream, dry fruits, and sugar. However, for making it as a savory snack, coconut is used in grated form along with variety of vegetables and spices.

Method of Preparation – To prepare sweet coconut balls, milk is heated in a pan and shredded coconut along with sugar and cream is added to it. The mixture is cooked until firm and then shaped as balls. Dry fruits are used as a garnishing for these balls. Chocolate, dates, honey or jam are some other ingredients that are often used to make sweet coconut ball.

For making savory coconut ball, the mixture is prepared by mixing coconut with other ingredients. Usually cheese, potato or spinach is used along with coconut. Small balls are prepared and rolled over either corn flour or semolina and are either deep fried or baked.

Serving Coconut Balls

Coconut balls when sweet, are served as dessert or festive foods. These balls are accompanied by sweet tasting drinks such as sherbets, in the Indian cuisine. Sometimes, these laddoos are served with savory snacks such as namkeen and samosa.

When the coconut balls are served as savory snacks, they are often accompanied by coriander chutney or spicy dips. These balls are served on a lettuce along with chopped carrots, onion rings and hot and spicy dips.

Popular Coconut Ball Recipe Variations

  • Koprapak - It is a traditional dessert popular In Indian cuisine. Also known as coconut ladoos, these balls are prepared by cooking grated coconut, saffron, cream and cardamom powder in milk. Sugar syrup is added to the mixture and the balls are shaped and garnished with pistachios. Koprapak is commonly served during Indian festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali or other celebrations.

  • Shuku Shuku – It is a name for the Nigerian sweet tasting coconut balls. These balls are commonly relished by children and are prepared by mixing shredded coconut with sugar and egg yolks. Once the dough is prepared, the balls are made and baked until golden.

  • Chokladboll – Chokladboll refers to Swedish chocolate ball which are prepared using sugar, cocoa, butter, vanilla sparkles and coconut. Shredded coconut is used to cover the prepared balls. These Swedish balls are relished the most by the children.

  • Coconut Paneer Balls – These are the savory coconut balls prepared commonly in Indian cuisine. The balls are prepared by mixing flaked coconut with paneer (cottage cheese) and spices. These balls are usually deep fried and taste crunchy from outside but soft and mushy from within.