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How To Store Coconut

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Storing coconut

  • The fresh, young and green form of coconut is stored in sawdust nests. Sawdust helps in keeping the young coconuts fresh for about couple of weeks in intact form. This primarily helps in soaking extra moisture from coconut and keeps it dry.
  • The brown and old coconut types are covered with weed husks and kept in cool, dark place before being used up. The brown ones are basically bought for making coconut milk as the water inside them is not used much drinking purpose.
  • One thing which must be taken care of is while buying coconut from local market, always buy fresh, and with extra water ones. The cracked coconut must never be bought as they may have mold thriving on them.
  • When you break the coconut for white flesh, you should keep them stacked with fresh green chilies flanked on either side. This process works effectively and keeps your coconut fresh for weeks and months.
  • The mucilaginous and gelatinous textured coconut must be kept plunged in vinegar syrup to keep them fresh and aromatic. This also helps in keeping coconut retain their oily content and thus entertain you with delicious taste for long.
  • One of the home effective measures could be to grate the fresh white coconut flesh and let them dry in sun for some couple of days. Then it must be Ziplocked in plastic bags and kept in refrigerator for later use.

These are some of the simple techniques on how to store coconut and entertain your taste buds with the natural milky flavor.

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How To Store Coconut