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What Is The Difference Between Coconut Water & Juice

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Coconut juiceIt is very difficult to tell the difference between coconut water & juice. The reason is, there aren’t any! That’s because both coconut water & juice refer to the liquid inside tender coconut, which is clear, smooth and is often pleasantly sweet. But it’s anybody’s guess that the fresh coconut water is anytime more beneficial to health than canned coconut juice. That is not to say coconut juice is bad for health. It’s just that any canned juice has to have a certain amount of preservative in it.

Coconuts are the fruits of the coconut palm with a botanical name cocous nucifera. The fruit has many uses in the kitchen. Everything from the milk to meat and oil make excellent food. Even the husk of the fruit is used by natives to burn fuel and weave mats. In rural India, the husk is even used to generate electricity, as reported in New York Times recently.

Health benefits of coconut water

There are many health benefits to coconut water & juice. One is that unlike coconut milk, coconut water & juice are free of fat and low in calories. Both are rich in electrolytes like potassium and are low in sodium. Coconut water has an instant cooling effect which explains its popularity in tropical regions. It is also capable of boosting your immune system and aiding in weight loss. This apart, coconut water is highly beneficial in treating kidney and bladder stones and fighting viruses. Coconut water is the best drink to consume during summer since it is an all natural isotonic beverage. Drinking coconut water charges up you instantly and is very refreshing.

Since there is hardly any difference between coconut water & juice, even the juice can be consumed to avail the above mentioned health benefits. Isn’t it unbelievable how a simple fruit like coconut packs almost all the nutrition that human body yearns for?

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What Is The Difference Between Coconut Water & Juice