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What Are The Tools Used For Cutting Coconut Shells

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Cutting a coconut shell isan art  not many people know about. By using the tools used for cutting coconut shells, anyone can easily master this art.

When we try opening the shell by hitting it hard with a hammer, the nutritious coconut water tends to spill. However this does not happen when you try cutting coconut shells with these tools

Hammer and nail- A hammer and nail are used for piercing the coconut in order to extract the coconut milk out easily. For cutting coconut shells, hold the coconut and try to find three dark hairless dents on the shell. These are the delicate points of the shell. You can easily puncture at this point with piercing tools used for cutting coconut shells.

Knife- One of the most common tools used for cutting coconut shells is the knife. It can be sometimes dangerous for cutting the coconut shells  as the chances of getting hurt are enhanced considerably. But when done safely, knives prove to be one of the effective tools used for cutting coconut shells. One can make use of  a chef’s knife for cutting the coconut shells. If the knife is too thin, it might even break.

Saws- Saws are also one of the most common tools used for cutting coconut shells. The saw helps in cutting the coconut shell easily and without taking much time. However, it is not advisable to use a coconut cut by saw for eating purpose. If you intend to eat the coconut then you must reserve a saw especially for cutting shells. A hand saw proves to be one of the effective tools for cutting the shells. This saw might take more time and energy when compared to the bigger saw. Hold the coconut and move the saw to and fro for cutting coconut shells.

Mallets and chisels- These tools used for cutting coconut shells are mainly used for carving. Carving shells is a well-known art and people in many places like Kerala do it to earn a livelihood. Mallets and chisels are some of the tools for cutting shells and then carving them beautifully. With these tools, the shells can be made into faces, landscapes and flowers.

Cutting shells is not difficult when done with the right tools needed for cutting coconut shells.

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