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How To Make Coconut Oil?

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Making coconut oil at home ensures that you get the best and cheapest quality coconut oilIn today’s world where getting additive free food products is almost impossible and the only way to enjoy unadulterated coconut oil is by preparing it at home. Learning how to make coconut oil at home not only guarantees that you get to use coconut oil in its purest form but is also way more affordable than the store bought products. Here, I have shared 2 very easy methods for making coconut oil at home. So read on and find more….

There are 2 basic methods of preparing coconut oil at home – cold press method, which is slightly difficult but gives you the healthiest and purest form of coconut oil and the stir fry method, which is a simpler way of making coconut oil. I have detailed both the process here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Preparing the coconut: Many people use coconut milk to make oil, however, I prefer to use dehydrated coconut flakes for this purpose. To prepare dehydrated coconut, open a coconut and grate the meat. Now, spread the grated meat over a plastic sheet and sundry it for 3 or 4 days (you can also use a dehydrator – its quicker and healthier). Do not be tempted to use packaged coconut gratings, these are the byproducts of industrial coconut oil production and are devoid of coconut oil.

Stir-fry method of making coconut oil at home• Stir fry method: To prepare coconut oil using the stir fry method, transfer the dehydrated coconut gratings into a large pan and cook them at very low flame. After may be an hour or so you will see a greasy liquid separating out of the coconut gratings – that’s the oil. Once, you have quite some oil separated and the gratings start to turn brown, remove the pan from the flame, collect the oil in a glass jar, and transfer the gratings onto cheesecloth (use a perforated spoon for this purpose). Now, press the cheesecloth to extract any oil remnants. Your coconut oil is ready – store it at room temperature for a week or two and refrigerate for longer storage.

• Cold press method: You will need a good quality juicer to make coconut oil without using any heat. Like the stir fry method, you need to start from the dehydrated coconut stage. Set up the juicer and add coconut Use a juicer to make cold pressed coconut oilgratings little at a time. The juicer will treat the gratings like any other fruit or vegetable and churn the gratings to separate liquid and fibers – only, the liquid here will be coconut oil instead of the usual water based juices. The coconut fibers collected after the first round, will have quite some oil, hence, it is preferable to re-process the fibers at least 2 more times till no more liquid is extracted. The coconut oil thus collected will have some moisture content; hence will have a lower shelf life compared to the store bought products. Pack the oil in an airtight glass jar and store at room temperature. 

Did you know that, coconut oil not only tastes good but is also a good source of mono unsaturated fatty acids, acts as an excellent skin moisturizer and great hair vitalizing liquid; use your very own homemade coconut oil as body/hair cream or use it for preparing recipes that use low heat. 

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How To Make Coconut Oil?