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How To Open A Coconut At Home

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Cracking open a coconut is quite an easy taskKnowing how to open a coconut at home gives you the freedom of using the best and freshest coconuts for preparing delectable and healthy coconut recipes and also, allows you to enjoy the refreshing zeal of coconut water – the most divine and pure drink the nature has to offer. As a kid, I remember my grandpa opening coconuts – tens of them at times, by just whacking them on the hard ground, quickly collecting the ambrosial water and presenting them to my granny, who would then grate them to make marvelous coconut pudding, macaroons, or sweet-balls. 

Well, with the kind of flimsy floorings that we have today, using the method that my grandpa used may not really be practical and using hammer, saw, or axe (the most common methods that the internet will dish out for you) are too dangerous in my opinion. So, how do you open a coconut at home safely and without creating a mess, you might ask. Well, here I have detailed the method that I have been using for ages, so read on and find out more…

•    Choosing coconut: The process begins right from the purchasing stage. Always choose the rightly matured brown coconuts with the outer skin and fibers removed already (trying to Ensure that you can hear the water sloshing inside the coconutopen a coconut with the coir like fibers still around the nut can be nightmarish). Also, look out for any cracks or moist spots on the surface of the coconut – discard such nuts immediately. You should be able to hear the water sloshing inside when you shake the coconut (water dries out as the coconut gets old, avoid such nuts).

•    Preparing the coconut for opening: Wash or rather rinse the coconut in water. This not only remove the dirt from the surface (which can potentially contaminate the almost sterile coconut water) but also prevents the fiber dust from spreading all around your kitchen and creating a mess.

How to open a coconut•    Opening a coconut: You will need a large bowl, a strong meal cleaver, and a coconut of course. Place the bowl on the kitchen counter and hold the coconut firmly in your palm by its equator (the 3 eyes must lay on one side and the stem on the other) over the bowl. Now, take a sturdy meat cleaver in the other hand and start whacking the coconut at the center using the blunt side of the meat cleaver till the coconut cracks open into 2 halves – hold your hand firmly with finger curled around the coconut shell to prevent injuries. The bowl will help hold the coconut water that drains out. 

So, that’s how you open a coconut. For further information on how to clean a coconut and process coconut meat, refer to this blog link. Practice opening the coconut at home today and follow the link for some great coconut recipes.


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How To Open A Coconut At Home