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How to Germinate a Coconut

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If you are planning to grow coconut groves in your garden, I can help you out with a few useful tips on how to germinate a coconut. Once you find out how to germinate a coconut, you will realize it’s actually no difficult task at all. You just need to be careful about certain aspects like temperature, moisture, soil condition and the other basic needs of the plants and you can germinate a coconut successfully. So, here’s how to germinate a coconut…


Germinating a coconut

Coconuts are very popular for both their culinary as well as non-culinary features. The best thing about coconuts is that you will find every part of this hard shelled fruit useful in some form or the other. Under natural circumstances, coconut germination takes place from a coconut which has fallen from a tree. But, when you have to do it manually, there are a few steps you need to follow.

Steps for germinating a coconut

Step 1: Soak the coconut - Always remember a coconut tree is born from a coconut. So, take a coconut which contains water and soak it in a bucket of water for 2 to 3 days. 

Step 2: Plant the coconut - If you are planning to grow the plant indoors, plant the fruit within a depth of at least 10 inches of well drained soil inside a spacious container. However, do not plant the nut in its entirety. Plant the coconut with its pointed end downwards and keep a third of it exposed. If you are growing coconut outdoors, choose a well drained and a slightly shaded area.

Step 3: Water the coconut – Water the coconut at least thrice a week and ensure that the soil remains moist all the time, but not wet. Also, maintain a temperature above 80 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Step 4: After germination – After the first year, you will need to fertilize the plant regularly with a proper dose of nutrients. Also, after 5 years you will have to repot the plants if you are growing it indoors.


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How To Germinate A Coconut