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Steamed Clam

Steamed Clam is a seafood dish that is specific to the local customs of different countries. The Steamed Clam dish is usually prepared to suit varied palettes.

Types of Steamed Clams

Clams are mollusks with two-hinged shells. There are different varieties of clams that are normally used for steaming depending on the availability and local taste. The soft shell clams called the Steamers (kind of shellfish) are usually found in the United States. Another variety of clams that can be used for steaming are the hard shell clams also known as quahogs. They come in three sizes small (littlenecks), medium (topnecks) and large (cherrystones). The quahogs are also suitable to prepare the Steamed Clam dish.

Preparation of Steamed Clam

In some parts of the globe, clams are eaten raw but nothing tastes better than the nicely done Steamed Clam. The ideal way to go about preparing Steamed Clam is to wash them out thoroughly to remove the excess brine and sand/grit stuck to the clams. They are cooked live in large kettles and it is imperative for the shell to be closed while cooking. The shell of the clam is opened once it is steamed. It is important to take care of the salt that is added while steaming the clam because the clams are already rich in brine.

Nutritional Value of Steamed Clams

Clams are low in fat but high in calories. But clams whether steamed or raw should be avoided by people suffering from chronic alcohol abuse, cancer, diabetes, inflammatory bowel and stomach diseases, AIDS and other immunity compromised diseases.