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Non Alcoholic Christmas Drink

Non alcoholic Christmas drinks refer to those Christmas party beverages which do not contain an alcoholic ingredient(s). These drinks do not come with prohibitions and are fit for consumption by one and all and hence are popular party refreshments of not only adults, but also the very young and the very old. People suffering from certain ailments and pregnancy can also have non alcoholic Christmas drinks as they are bad for the health. For such, Christmas is best celebrated with drinks without alcohol. Non alcoholic Christmas drink recipes like those for mixed fruit juices, smoothies, punch, soft drinks and non alcoholic cocktails are commonly included in many Christmas party menus.

Popular Non-Alcoholic Christmas Drink Recipes

Non alcoholic Christmas drinks include smoothies and punch amongst others.

Smoothie- A smoothie is a thick and creamy chilled beverage made of fruit juices. It is sweetened at times and is made by blending ingredients. Some smoothies also include vegetable juices and chocolate. Milk and yogurt are also components of the smoothie. Smoothies are prepared commercially by companies like Smoothie King and Tropical Smoothie Café.

Punch -A punch, a fruit beverage made with a mixture of juices, is one of the most popular non alcoholic Christmas drinks which are a favorite of children also. It is served in a bowl with pieces of the fruit. Hawaiian Punch and Kool Aid are all punches are non- alcoholic Christmas drink recipes. Non alcoholic punches are also served as appetizers and are used for mixing drinks such as cocktails.

Mock Champagne- Non alcoholic Christmas drink recipes of this category do not prescribe alcohol. A recipe for this maybe made using apple cider and cranberry juice concentrate. A third of cranberry juice cider is mixed with apple juice which is flavored with lemon slices.

Eggnog- this creamy traditional egg and milk drink is another well-liked non alcoholic Christmas drinks. The egg is whisked and milk and cream are added. The drink is flavored with spices and ice cream is added if desired.