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Christmas Drink

Christmas drinks refer to the special alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are especially made and enjoyed during the Christmas Holidays. While there are many Christmas party drinks which are associated with the traditional Christmas feast and are popularly consumed since the olden days, there have been several contemporary additions in the list of Christmas drinks over the years. One of the most popular traditional Christmas drinks is the mulled wine. Mulled wine comes in different variations, and the most well known amongst them is the Gluhwein. Another of those popular Christmas drinks, which, has done its round in uncountable holiday get-togethers and parties since years is the Champagne. Sparkling wines have always been a favorite Christmas drink and thus, the Champagne always fitted the bill. Champagne and Sangria wines are commonly used in making different kinds of Christmas drinks like cocktails and punches. Holiday Cheer Mimosa, Christmas Cranberry Cheer, Christmas Cranberry Punch, Cranberry Snowdrift and Christmas Sour are some of the most favored Christmas drinks made with various kinds of alcoholic Christmas drinks.

Serving Christmas Party Drinks

Wines are the most popular of Christmas drinks, which are mostly served in special Christmas wine glasses like Christmas themed painted glasses, colored glasses (mostly in rich green or red), etched wine glasses and stem-less glasses. While some Christmas party drinks are served with the main course foods, there are others which are served for dessert. The Christmas drinks which are served with meat dishes like turkey, goose and ham, include wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Riesling, Chardonnay and Zinfandel. Dessert wines often fill a major part of the Christmas party drinks list,best complement the foods like puddings and pies. The Christmas drinks like cocktails and punches are also served for dessert and often with accompaniments which can range from puddings and pies to pastries and chocolates. Evening Christmas drinks are again, mostly wines, which are served with crackers, cookies or cheese. The mulled wine Gluhwein, which is made with red wine, cloves, cinnamon and fruit, is best enjoyed hot. Traditionally, in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, the mulled Christmas drinks are served by the street vendors at Christmas Fairs.

Popular Christmas Drinks Recipes

The rich and creamy Dutch drink – Advocaat, is one the most favored Christmas drinks made with egg yolks, aromatic spices, vanilla and grape brandy. Often this liqueur is used as a base for cocktail Christmas drinks like Snowball. Drambuie, a blend of honey, Scotch Whiskey and aromatic spices is drank on its own or used in various Christmas drinks for cocktails. One of the most well known Christmas party drinks and an ideal dinner entrée, the Irish cream liqueur is made with sweetened condensed milk, whipping cream, chocolate syrup, vanilla extract, coffee and almond extract.