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Yoo Hoo

Yoo-Hoo is an American drink that is chocolate based. The beverage is often erroneously described as a dairy product as it does not contain any milk. Water, corn syrup and milk powder along with some trans fat are the main constituents of the drink which also contains cocoa. The drink is fortified with a number of vitamins and is sold in four different flavors. The drink is now marketed by the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group which was created when Cadbury-Schweppes split into two in 2008. The company has its headquarters in New Jersey with a manufacturing unit situated at Opelousas, Los Angeles. Four different chocolate infused versions along with a strawberry flavored drink are the products that are currently available across the United States of America.

Apart from the drink there had been pops, doughnuts and candy bars prepared from yoo-hoo at different periods of time. A number of flavors were introduced for a limited period while the Island Coconut Yoohoo was marketed under the name Koko Blanco and produced once a year.

Origin of the Yoo-Hoo Drink

The drink was invented by a small store owner named Natale Olivieri who sold the Tutti-Fruit soft drink in Los Angeles. He discovered a method of creating a chocolate drink that could be preserved for a long period. The name Yoo-Hoo was the brand name under which Oliveri sold his other drinks as well. The drink became available across the country in 1920. The very first bottling plant for the drink came up in 1940.

The ownership of the drink changed hands several times and was bought by Cadbury-Schweppes in 2001. It officially became a part of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group after the company split in May, 2008.

Yoo-Hoo Drink: Ingredients and Preparation Overview

The beverage is not akin to chocolate milk. On the contrary,it is a form of water based cocoa drink. The main ingredient is water along with whey, corn syrup, non-fat milk solids and sodium Caseinate which serves as the protein source for the drink. Artificial flavors and added vitamins along with minerals are the other ingredients of the drink, which is not considered to be high in nutritional value without the fortification.

Yoo-Hoo Recipes

  • Mock Yoo-Hoo- A drink prepared by blending Nesquik, milk powder and water together.
  • Cocktail form- A concoction of Kahlua, Frangelico and milk mixed in equal measures and stirred over ice.

Yoo-Hoo Nutritional Value

Each bottle of the beverage contains 15.5 ounce of the chocolate drink which is equivalent to 260 calories. Most of the energy is obtained from the sugars present in the drink which also contains 10 grams of fat per serving. The vitamins and minerals are added on and do not come from the ingredients. The high amount of sodium present in the beverage is also not considered to be beneficial for health.

Shelf Life of Yoo Hoo Drink

Yoo-hoo does not have any expiration date and can be preserved for years with the seal intact.