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Chocolate Dessert

Chocolate dessert is the generic term used for any sweet dish/recipe made with chocolate or cocoa or a chocolate derivative as one of the ingredient(s). Sweet chocolate and milk chocolate are the most widely eaten chocolate products in the world today.

Popular Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Chocolate dessert recipes have ruled most celebrative menus since long. Easter chocolate bunnies and eggs, Hannukah chocolate coins, Christmas Santa, Valentine's Day Chocolate Hearts are popular festive chocolate dessert recipes. Chocolate milk and hot chocolate are delicious dessert beverages. Apart from this, chocolate cakes, chocolate ice creams, chocolate puddings and confections are some of the most fondly consumed chocolate desserts on an everyday basis. Core ingredients of any Chocolate Dessert Any chocolate dessert is probably made using sweet chocolate (also known as dark chocolate) which contains chocolate and sugar as the primary core ingredients. Milk chocolate, one of the most fondly consumed chocolate desserts across the world, is made by adding milk powder or condensed milk to sweet chocolate. Any chocolate dessert has cocoa solids as the mandatory ingredient, but white chocolate has cocoa butter but not cocoa solids and hence is not considered genuine chocolate. Semisweet chocolate is used for making desserts with less sugar content. Bittersweet chocolate consists of chocolate liquor with cocoa butter, vanilla and at times lecithin. Both semisweet and bittersweet chocolate are used in baked chocolate desserts. The unsweetened chocolate, also known as bitter chocolate, containing purely chocolate liquor, is used in baked chocolate desserts.