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How To Stop Chocolate From Melting

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Chocolate candy, chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, anything with chocolate is delicious. It is the most important ingredient used in most of the desserts and also in candies. However, while working with chocolate, you face the permanent risk of melting before you can use it in your recipe. So, before you embark on making your favorite recipe with chocolate, here are a few steps to stop chocolate from melting and to keep it in a solid state till your purpose is solved.


Use container or plastic wrap to store chocolate

Put the chocolate in a plastic wrap or keep it inside an air tight container. This not only prevents melting but also stops it from imbibing the smell of the other food items stored close by.


Store chocolate in dark place

To stop chocolate from melting, you should store it in a cool and dark place. Keeping it away from light and heat helps to preserve chocolate’s structural integrity. Light is closely related to heat and energy that could melt chocolate faster. Place the chocolate in a cabinet or a cupboard.


Keep it below 70 degrees

Wherever you store chocolate, you should maintain the temperature below 70 degree Fahrenheit. Usually chocolate would start to melt at a temperature between 75 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. So make sure you store it at the optimum temperature in order to stop it from melting.


Chocolate on ice

In case you would like to melt your chocolate later for your recipes, then place the chocolate in a container and freeze it. While traveling you can store the chocolate bars other chocolate items in a plastic seal bag and place it inside a cooler with some ice.


Chocolates are included in almost all the desserts and chocolaty recipes. Stopping melting of chocolate is no more a tiresome job, proper storing method is the key to keep it in the solid form. The above steps would help you to stop your chocolate from melting.


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How To Stop Chocolate From Melting