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What Tools Are Required To Temper Chocolate

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Chocolates are the most liked treats in the United States.  Some chocolates are simple in shape and some are profligate sculptures. At home, it’s always tough to get chocolate melted and set properly. If you want your chocolate to be melted and harden properly it needs to be tempered and here are the tools required to tamper chocolate.


A container:

A proper container is among the basic tools required to temper chocolate. A suitable container should completely fit on the stove top, this tool is very important for appropriate heating.   


Heat Resistant Mixing Bowl:

People who want proper tools to temper chocolate should go for heat resistant mixing bowl. This bowl can be filled with a certain amount of chocolate. The bowl must be large enough to fit over the container and it should not touch the bottom.


Rubber Spatula:     

A rubber spatula can be used to remove the chocolate from the sides of the bowl.  Due to flexibility and good sealing ability of rubber, this tool is best for the process of tampering.



Water is among the few basic tools required to tamper chocolate. You can boil water along with chocolate up to the desired level of steam production.  You can use bottled water instead of tap water from local source because tap water contains many minerals and you can save on scrubbing time.     



A sharp knife is always among the best tools required to temper chocolate. A sharp knife can be used to chop chocolate in to smaller pieces and smaller pieces of chocolate can melt faster. Moreover this knife can also be used to test the proper tempered state of chocolate.


Cutting Surface:

A cutting board is useful for chopping up larger amounts of chocolate. You can use flexible cutting boards which makes it easier to transfer the chocolate into the mixing bowl.



After melting the chocolate it has to be removed from the pot and bowl will have strong steam on its outside, and it needs to be dried off, here we can use the towel.  You can keep the bowl on the set-down towel, and rub it and the towel dries it off easily.     


Hot Pads:

Hot pads are among the optional tools required to temper chocolate, it can be used for moving the bowl to the towel. These hot pads are useful, if towel is not thick enough.


Candy Thermometer:

The candy thermometer is among the useful tools to temper chocolate. Candy thermometer can be used to check the temperature of chocolate. It can be used if you feel it necessary to check the temperature.


Above are few tools required to temper chocolate, you can also tamper chocolate by using an electric temperer.


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What Tools Are Required To Temper Chocolate