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How To Buy Chocolate Cheese

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Chocolate cheese is hitting the stores in Asia big time and recently in Taiwan, the Chesdale chocolate cheese has taken over 10% of the cheese market. This one is made by the New Zealander dairy company called Fonterra and has become a hit. Is this a new trend? It has spread to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia too. One never knows what can catch the fancy of the food industry or the foodies. One thing is for sure , parents have found a way to make their kids eat cheese.

Tips to Buy Chocolate Cheese


If you are thinking of buying chocolate cheese there are several options available. However, if you are new to this cheese, here is a short description of what chocolate cheese is…

For centuries, cheese has been made from milk and milk is added to chocolate so why not combine the two someone thought. Voila! What came to be is the chocolate cheese. It can be officially called as chocolate flavored cheese. This cheese can be served along with other cheese on a platter or with slices of fruit on top. Chocolate cheese might taste like fudge a bit sour, cheesy taste at times.

Frankenmuth Cheese house has chocolate flavored cheese sold in the store 1 lb 6.99$.

In some places, this cheese is sold as fudge like delicacy with vegetable oil, peanuts and chocolate powder (Dairy Store at the MSU). Some folks relish this chocolaty cheese.

Paoli Cheese in Wisconsin also has a version of cheese chocolate fudge. Almost like thick, creamy cheesecake with nuts in it. Their cow pie 1 lb can be had for 2.99$ Then there is the Wenslayydale cheese with Belgian chocolate. You will also find chocolate goat cheese truffles available at Goat Lady Farmstead cheese

Chocolate cheese is a success in Asia; it might not be long before it finds its way into the US and becomes an instant hit among children and adults in this part of the world.


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How To Buy Chocolate Cheese