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How To Temper Chocolate Before Using It

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Tempering is an important process to bring chocolate in to a shape. Mechanical manipulation and temperature control is used to bring chocolate in to crystalline form. Find out how to temper chocolate before using it.

The secret behind professional chocolate products is tempered chocolate. Tempered chocolates are great to dip fruits, pretzels, marshmallows, etc

You can temper chocolate before using by a simple process and below are the steps involved;


You need to chop your chocolate before using it for tempering.  Chopping should be done before melting of chocolate. Take a knife and make pieces of the chocolate.

While tempering chocolate before use, you need to have freshly sliced chocolate pieces, because stored chocolate pieces can have air bubbles in the chocolate and it can spoil entire process.

Besides, you have to chop both milk and dark chocolate because you need both the varieties and the quantity to be used depends on your choice.


The second step required to temper chocolate before using is melting. Double boiler is required for melting the chocolate.

First, take a pan with water and place a copper bottomed vessel in the pan and you can add freshly chopped chocolate into the copper bottomed vessel and you will be able to see how the chopped chocolate begins to melt.

Take out the copper vessel after a minute and keep it on the counter. Mix the chocolate with the help of a spoon so that you have no chocolate lumps; remember to mix the chocolate in clock wise direction.

Once the milk chocolate has melted, add chopped dark chocolate and repeat the step.


Now you can temper chocolate before using. Take a spoon and hold it in the center of your vessel and you can move the spoon from the center to the edges of the vessel, so that the back of the spoon comes in contact the walls of the vessel. You should move the spoon in clockwise fashion.

You can scoop in the chocolate if you find any chocolate adhering to the sides of the vessel. You can continue the step for 6-7 minutes. This step is very crucial in tempering chocolate before use.

After completion of the step the result should be a smooth free flowing, shiny chocolate consistency.

You can test the tempering by just lifting the spoon at a distance and look at the chocolate, If the chocolate is freely flowing down into the vessel you need to temper it further.


By using above steps you can temper chocolate before using and your chocolate is ready once you temper it perfectly.


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How To Temper Chocolate Before Using It