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How To Keep Melted Chocolate Pourable

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Melted chocolates can be used in many ways as a sauce to drizzle on ice cream and as ganache to fill pastries. To make melted chocolates you can just melt chocolate using double boiler, but it would not be pourable. To keep melted chocolate pourable you can add few ingredients to it.


It is mouth watering to think about anything dipped in a thick melting chocolate sauce, just a small bite does magic. Yes it fills the whole mouth with a thick luscious liquid and gives a sensual experience than being tasty and delicious. There are two chocolates namely white chocolate and dark chocolate. White one is made from cocoa butter and dark chocolate is prepared using cocoa. In recent times melting chocolate is getting popular rapidly, there are no parties without melting chocolate.

Heavy Cream

When you place few chocolate chips in the double broiler, it melts to a thick glistening chocolate and it would turn solid and dark if you over heat. Keeping melted chocolate pourable is not difficult; include heavy cream to make it malleable. Adding heavy cream is like adding liquid to chocolate to keep it pourable. Boil the heavy cream and add it to the chopped chocolate and stir continuously till it thickens. If the both are not combined well, the chocolate may turn hard. So to get the melting chocolate in the right state; heat the heavy cream in low flame and allow it to cool for a minute after removing it from heat. Then mix the grated chocolate and stir to combine.


Add oil to chocolate to melt it smoothly. Usually chocolate may turn hard once it cools but using oil prevents this and offers a softer consistency.  You should choose neutral flavored oil because others would change the taste of the chocolate. Vegetable oil can be used to melt chocolate.


Cream and oil are the common ingredients used to make melting chocolates, besides this you can add butter with cream and other flavoring liqueurs that include orange, raspberry and amaretto. By adding these, your melted chocolate stays liquid. 

Moisture content would seize your melting chocolate, and would make it clumpy and grainy. So while preparing melting chocolate use dry utensils and do not add water to the chocolate.

These tips would help to you to keep melted chocolate pourable, so now you can drizzle melting chocolate on any desserts or ice cream or can use it as a dipping.

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How To Keep Melted Chocolate Pourable