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Recession Hits Our Chocolate Sizes


Is there anything left that the recession has not affected? Recession hits chocolates now after everything else. After downsizing their workforce, manufacturers are downsizing chocolate sizes now, as it appears. If you thought your regular supply of Snickers, Toblerone, Mars, Milky Way, Maltesers, Rolo and Yorkie have now shrunk despite the fact that their prices remain the same, you are right. The manufacturers, hit either by recession or by the increasing prices of raw materials including cocoa, have decided to snip two squares from the Cadbury Diary Milk Bar and one triangle from the Toblerone bar. The trick is to sell the product at the same price with the faint hope that the consumers will not notice. But hey, aren’t we smarter than them?

There are many reasons that led the chocolate manufacturers to take this extreme step of downsizing chocolate sizes. Mainly owing to the price rise post- recession the labour and raw material costs are eating into the manufacturer’s margins. Secondly, commodity price is on an all time high. For instance, cost of the main ingredient cocoa has gone up after rumors started floating around about a possible export ban by Ivory Coast, one of the world’s major producers.


Now the standard size 140 g Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar will be downsized to 120 g. Consumer forums are raising hue and cry over this issue. It is also widely discussed that downsizing the product without changing the prize could shake the customer’s trust over the product. On the other hand, it is also revealed by industry analysts that confectionary manufactures ‘have been encouraged to play around with pack sizes’. This is reportedly to help battle the obesity issue among children that has become a growing concern for many parents.


Cadbury was quoted as saying in this issue, ‘We have taken this decision because of a number of economic factors including ingredient costs.’


Be that as it may, while we may have nothing much of a say on this issue all we can do is probably be satisfied that the move at least can be considered as useful in terms of fighting childhood obesity.


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Recession Hits Our Chocolate Sizes