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How to Make Chocolate Ice Cubes

Chocolate ice cubes make up for a wonderful chocolaty treat. Making chocolate ice cubes is easy and here’s how to make chocolate ice cubes. For children, chocolate ice cubes are a fun dessert to make and eat. Using the standard ice cube trays, you can prepare a quick and simple treat for the entire family.


  • First, take an empty ice cube tray.


  • Then, fill a sink with warm water as well as 1/2 tsp. of liquid dish soap. Clean the ice cube tray by rinsing it with hot water. And dry the ice cube tray using the clean cloth.


  • Spread two paper towels on the kitchen counter and lay the trays of ice cube over it. These paper towels are spread to catch spills from the chocolate milk, if any.


  • Then pour the chocolate milk into the cube trays. The holes of the ice cubes must be filled to the top, but make sure not to overflow.


  • Place the trays gently inside the freezer and let the chocolate milk freeze for two to three hours.


  • Pop the cubes out from the tray when they are frozen and ready to eat. Allow the uneaten cubes to be in the tray inside the freezer until they are ready to eat.


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How To Make Chocolate Ice Cubes