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Cream of White Chocolate

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Ingredients 1 egg yolk ,4 spoons (soup) of maize starch 1 bar of 200 grams of white chocolate ½ liter of milk 1 spoon (soup) of butter without salt 1 condensed milk can 1 spoon (tea) of vanilla essence 1 can of milk cream frozen with serum Way of Preparation It places the egg yolk, the starch of maize and dissolves with a little of milk in a pan, j dips in grease the remain of milk, the butter and condensed milk. It has led to the fire and it moves until thickening. It places the perforated white chocolate and it dissolves. It removes of the pan it places in the dough mixer and it adds the vanilla essence, the milk cream frozen, beating until being a cream homogêneo.coloque in the refrigerator in forms Serves frozen

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Cream Of White Chocolate