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Easy Chocolate Cake

easy chocolate cake


Ingredients: Coco 2tsp,refined flour 2 cups,baking soda 2tsp,refined oil or melted butter -11/2 cups, powdered sugar 11/2 cups ,3 Eggs,  Few Chocobits.

Variation: If Brown sugar is available use that.This will give Brownish effect.

Take a pan put flour in it ,add pow.sugar,coco powder,bkng soda and mix well.Whip all the eggs add it to refined flour mixtureand mix again. Also add butter/refined oil and beat the batter in clockwise direction for 2-3mins Pre heat the microwave , Transfer the batter to a greased baking dish.Before puttin the dish in the oven garnish it with chocobits.

Bake the cake for 7-10mins or till done in your Convection microwave oven on 250 C.

To see if the cake is baked fully , insert a knife in it. If the knife comes out clean then the cake is ready if not the bake it further for some more time.

Cool the cake tin on a rack then put it upside down on a plate. the chocolate cake will come out smoothly. Cut into pieces and serve.


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Easy Chocolate Cake