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How to Make Chocolate-covered Bananas

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A Plate of Chocolate-covered Bananas

The first thing that comes to mind when you think banana is ‘boring’. But what if you could add chocolate to the banana? Interesting! Chocolate-covered bananas are a great dessert and learning how to make them is a breeze.


What You Need


Melting Chocolate

Toppings like nuts, caramel and coconut flakes


Step 1: Cut the bananas into bite-sized chunks. Have a fork ready so you can move the pieces around without your hands getting covered in chocolate. (But you wouldn’t mind that, would you!)


Step 2: Take the chocolate and melt in either a microwave or a double boiler. The double boiler works better because it keeps the chocolate warm and molten, whereas the as soon as you take the chocolate out of the microwave, it begins to harden and hampers the dipping process. If you have different kinds of chocolate, such as dark and white, you should preferably start with the light chocolate and end with the dark.


Step 3: Arrange the toppings you would like to use in separate bowls right next to the bowl of chocolate. 


Step 4: Take the banana pieces with the fork and dip them in the chocolate. Make sure you do this quickly while the chocolate is still warm and gooey.


Step 5: As soon as you dip the banana piece in chocolate, dip them into the topping. Do this for all the pieces. Roll each piece around in the bowl of toppings to coat them on all sides.


Step 6: Take a flat tray or a cookie sheet and arrange the chocolate- and topping-covered banana pieces on it.


Step 7: Put the tray in the refrigerator.


Step 8: Leave the banana pieces in the fridge till the chocolate has hardened. 


Step 9: Take out the chocolate-covered bananas from the fridge and arrange them in a small bowl. 


Step 10: Drizzle the pieces with caramel sauce or chocolate syrup. You can also add some whipped cream. You chocolate-covered banana dessert is ready.


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How To Make Chocolate-covered Bananas