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Zhengzhou food basically follows the culinary trend prevailing in Henan with chicken and carb being used extensively in almost all the recipes. Noodles and pastries are considered to be the two well known dishes of the cuisine of Zhengzhou, where both the dishes are the result of local produce. The pastries are known by the name Taosibao, which are available in several varieties with Chongyang huagao, Dajiujia, and Pipasu being the most popular ones.

Popular Zhengzhou Recipes

  • Liyu peiman – fish slices served with noodles

  • Tongzi bao – this dish refers to bitter chicken prepared in wooden bucket.

  • Huangmeng yu – yellow carp food item prepared by stewing method

  • Liyu Sanchi – this is a traditional Zhengzhou food item prepared with three methods of cooking, where initially carp type Cyprinoid from yellow river is taken and drenched in clean water for around three days, so as to get rid of earthy smell. Thereafter, the carp is divided into three parts, where one fillet is fried, the second is cooked in Sweet and Sour Sauce, and the third one is boiled with slices of radish to prepare a nutritious soup, with all the three types of carp being eaten together. This dish is known as Liyu Sanchi.