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Yunnan food, characterized by an interesting array of floral, spicy and mushroom-embedded foods belong to the Yunnan cuisine, a blend of the traditional Han and minority Chinese cuisines, of the Yunnan region in South West China. This region is specifically known for its pu-erh tea and its Xuanwei ham.

Popular Recipes of Yunnan Cuisine

Yunnan food is one of the most popular Chinese foods and consists of a number of dishes as discussed below:

· Pu- erh tea- also known as Pu’er or Puer or Bolay the production of this tea involves fermentation of the tea leaves by subjecting them to the action of microbes. This dark tea is known to come with a number of health benefits, one being the lowering of blood cholesterol. However it should be consumed by people with cholesterol complaints only after taking expert medical advice.

· Xuanwei ham – this is mostly used as a flavor enhancing agent in many Chinese dishes like soups, stews, stock, and braised foods.

· Erkuai- cakes of rice made by refining and compressing. This is commonly eaten as a snack item or street food along with vegetables. The dish probably derived its name from its shape which is like an ear. In Chinese the Erkuai translates to ear piece.

· Guo Quiao Mi Xian- a very prominent dish of the region, it is consumed in an interesting way. Chicken stock is given to the diner, who can choose meat and noodles depending upon personal preferences. The meat is very thinly sliced. This is a kind of a hot pot dish and is a famous Yunnan food.