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Ningbo food refers to food eaten in the port city of Ningbo, which lies in the Zhejiang province in north-eastern China. The cuisine of the city is a subset of the famous Zhejiang cuisine, the other two sub-cuisines being Hangzhou and Wenzhou. Food in Ningbo is marked by the abundance of seafood dishes, and the fresh, salty and tender foods prepared by careful cooking techniques. Crystal Sugar Stewed Turtle and Dry Fried River Ell are some of the popular Ningbo seafood dishes, and Tangyuan is a famous glutinous rice dish. Snacks like crispy pancakes, buns and pastries are also popular snacks from this city.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Ningbo Cuisine Foods

Seafood is the most common ingredient in Ningbo food. Rice is a widely eaten cereal, and rice dishes range from cooked rice to various types of rice cakes. Beans, lentils, cucumber, soy oil, sesame paste, etc. and meats like chicken, pork and lamb are other common ingredients.

Popular Ningbo Cuisine Dishes

  • Bingtang Jiayu (Crystal Sugar Turtle): It is one of the representative dishes of Ningbo, made with turtle of soft shell and a sweet-salty dressing. The dish is also called 'Number One Scholar Turtle'.
  • Guoshao Manyu (Dry Fried River Ell): The dish is prepared by cooking ell till it softens, removing the bones and frying along with spices. It has a slightly sweet taste and an attractive golden colored appearance.
  • Tangyuan: It consists of balls made by mixing water in glutinous rice flour, and then cooking it in boiling water. It may also contain a filling, and is a popular Ningbo food eaten during the Chinese Lantern Festival.