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Nanjing food is the food eaten in Nanjing, which is the capital of the Chinese province of Jiangsu, and is located on the River Yangtze River Delta region. The city's traditional dishes belong to the Jin Su cuisine of China, which are marked by careful preparations and original flavors. The food here has good visual appeal, and contains moderate seasonings but generous use of oil. Various duck dishes like roasted duck and salted duck, as well as the Eight Delicacies Soup are popular dishes of Nanjing. Modern Nanjing food consists of many Japanese and Western dishes as well.

Popular Nanjing Cuisine Dishes

  • Eight Delicacies Soup: It is a soup made of eight delicacies, namely fish, lotus root, water chestnut, parsley, vine, lotus seeds and arrowroot. The dish is particularly popular during the Moon Festival held in mid- August.
  • NanjingSteamed Duck: It is a cutlet consisting of duck which is steeped, boiled, braised and baked. It has an attractive look and delicate taste.
  • Salted Duck: It is a tender salted duck dish which can often be seen hanging from windows of the city's shops.

Places famous for Food in Nanjing

Restaurants of hotels like The Jinling and The Hilton are known for the high quality food they serve in Nanjing. KFC and McDonalds are also very popular here. The region surrounding the Confucious Temple is known for its delicious Nanjing food, including authentic delicacies like Steamed Duck and the Eight Delicacies Soup.