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Liaoning Food is prepared in the Liaoning region of North Eastern China. The food is similar to the Beijing cuisine and is intensely flavorful with a distinct sweet and salty taste.

Common Ingredients

The ingredients used in cooking are carefully selected, and food is elaborately prepared. Meat, seafood, vegetables, and tofu are commonly used in cooking. Seafood includes fresh water fish, crabs, and sea cucumbers.

Everyday Liaoning Food

Noodles and dumplings are common everyday foods of the region. Baijiu is a traditional spirit that is consumed here.

Traditional and Festival Food

Laobian jiaozi, stir-fried kidneys, fried meatballs, and stir-fried liver are traditionally made in this region and are popular among tourists.

Health Information

Liaoning food is prepared with lots of oil and sauces. Food is generally fried or stir fried. Thus, the dishes are rich in fat and cholesterol and may not be suitable for people suffering from heart disease. The salty nature of the food is not recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure.