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Jilin food is basically northeastern Chinese in nature, as the city Jilin is situated in North east Cina, where the growing seasons are very short and winters are very harsh, thus resulting in dominance of hearty fare and preserved foods in the city. Pickling is one of the food preservation methods, which is very common in Jilin and other north eastern cities of China. Pickled cabbage, known as suan cai, is most prominent in the cuisine of Jilin and is mostly prepared in a traditional way in large sized clay pickling containers. Wheat is the staple produce all over North china, which is used in the form of starch in almost all Chinese foods, especially in steamed bun and noodles. The cuisine of Jilin is unique in its own way as compared to other Chinese cuisines, where raw seafood and raw vegetables are served extensively.

Popular Foods from Jilin Cuisine

  • Pork and chive dumplings– dumpling pastry filled with Chinese chives and ground pork.

  • Suan cai hot pot– pickled cabbage dish prepared at the dining table in simmering metal container.

  • Cumin & caraway lamb– lamb prepared by stir fry method with cumin, garlic and chili.

  • Congee-it refers to rice porridge, which is cooked in large quantity of water, and served with variety of pickles.

  • Tealeaf stewed hardboiled eggs– this popular Jilin food refers to a combination of hardboiled eggs, anise, soy and black tea, thus releasing subtle flavors and deep brown tones.