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Hakka food is a wonderful combination of rich taste, distinct flavor and unique texture. Hakka cuisine is one of the popular cuisines of the world which originally deals with the culinary style of people living in Southeastern China. The cuisine reflects the lifestyle and culture of Hakka ancestors and lays stress on nutrition and taste along with the appearance of the dish.

Historical And Cultural Influences On Hakka Cuisine

The Hakka were the immigrants and are also known as Hakka Han. These people adopted the culinary practices of many ethnic groups and at the same time retained their own methods. Hakka moved to the southern China and settled on a hill. Since the fresh produce was sparse, these people found out ways to preserve food and made use of onion and fermented beancurd in Hakka food. The climatic conditions also influenced the cooking practices. Hakka people in Taiwan worked hard and sweated a lot. In order to minimize body salt content, more salt was consumed through food.

Cooking Methods Adopted In Hakka Cuisine

The basic cooking methods followed by Hakka are pressure cooking, stir frying and stewing. Food preservation through salting, dehydrating and heating is also a prominent feature in Hakka cooking.The combination of preserved vegetables and meat is done in an amazing way.

Commonly Used Ingredients In Hakka Food

Red bean curd- Imparts a distinct flavor to Hakka dishes.

Belly pork- Helps in making the food greasy and also enhances the taste.

Thick soya sauce- Commonly used in preparation of all Hakka food.

Pork lard- Used in mainly all preparations.

Hakka Food Popular In Foreign Culture

Dung Gong Yam Guk Gai- It is a salt baked chicken preparation. Traditionally, the chicken was baked in a heap of salt.

Noh Mi ap- It is a duck stuffed with rice and is a relished dish of Hakka cuisine.

Beef meatball soup – A soup preparation with lettuce and meat balls dipped in clear broth.

Traditional Hakka Food Recipes

Yong tau foo- A soup preparation consisting of eggplants, chilies, melon, beancurd, fish and meat balls dipped in clear soup.

Kau yuk- It is a dish made of pieces of yam and pork which is served with dark sauce containing bean curd.

Festive Hakka Food

Fried pork with fermented tofu: This Hakka food is mostly made on Chinese New Year celebration. The marinated pork is deep fried and then stewed.