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Hakka Noodle

Hakka noodle is a type of noodle which finds place in Indo Chinese cuisine . The noodles are easy to make and are mostly savored as evening snacks.

Origin of Hakka Noodles Recipe

The group of Chinese people living in Kolkata are said to have made these noodles first. Gradually it became popular in other parts of Kolkata and slowly moved out of West Bengal to be popular throughout the country. Hakka noodles are available not only at small snack bars or eating joints but also at famous restaurants of India.

Method of Preparation and ingredients used in Hakka Noodles recipe

Hakka noodles as the name suggests makes use of noodles as its main ingredient.. To this a variety of vegetables are added. It can also be made in to a non-vegetarian dish by adding chicken, egg or pork. This specific noodle is brown in color – the color coming from the use of soy sauce in the dish. As this noodles needs to be stir fried, it is best prepared in a wok. However, other utensils where this noodle can be tossed with the vegetables and the meat can also be used.

Serving and Eating Hakka noodles

When served as a snack, the noodles can be eaten on its own. However when served as a part of a meal other vegetarian or non-vegetarian dishes need to be served with it. Soy sauce, chili sauce and vinegar are also few preferred accompaniments for this dish.

Popular variations of Hakka noodles Recipe

The variations depend on the use of the ingredients in the dish. Although the original recipe specifies the use of only soy sauce, other variations use red chili paste. This is popularly known as Schezwan Hakka noodles and is usually red in color. Also sometimes both the above mentioned sauces are not used and the noodles are white in color.

Also as the noodles need to be stirring fried a specific quantity of oil is required. Health freaks prefer putting in less oil.

Health and Nutrition Facts of the Hakka Noodles Recipe

100 grams of chicken Hakka noodles contain 153 calorie. This dish has a perfect balance of carbohydrate, protein and nutrition. This dish can be savored by everyone and is quite healthy and filling.