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Guizhou food is prepared in the Guizhou province of China. The cuisine is also called the Qian cuisine. The distinct feature of the Guizhou cuisine is that it comprises dishes that are spicier and sourer than the dishes of the rest of Chinese cuisines.

Influential Factors

The Guizhou province is located in a hilly terrain, and the cuisine makes use of the available ingredients. Since the weather is mostly cool and wet, the available vegetables are often fermented and pickled in order to preserve.

Common Ingredients

Rice, vegetables, meat, and seafood are the common ingredients in the Guizhou cuisine. Pepper, ginger, garlic, vinegar, ajinomoto are used to make the dishes spicy. Tomatoes are used to create a sour taste in the food.

Everyday Guizhou Food

Noodles and sticky rice are common among the Guizhou people. The sour fish soup is consumed along with meals. The dish is spicy and sour and is prepared with tomatoes, shallot, pepper, and ginger. Maotai is a local liquor that is consumed along with food. The region is famous for its various types of tea, especially the green tea.

Traditional and Festival Food

· The kung pao chicken is said to have a tradition of more than 100 years. This spicy stir-fried chicken dish is prepared wit ginger, pepper, garlic, and other sauces.

· The Mi Pi is a local specialty made with dry chilies which are stuffed with rice gluten and then baked.

· The beef rice noodles is a dish comprising spicy noodles with stir-fried beef.

· Suantang is a spicy tomato-based dish, similar to hotpot.

· Pork and glutinous rice is served during festivals, along with rice wine.

· Miao Jia Gan Guo Ji is a typical dish of the Miao people, made with fried chicken, mushroom, cabbage, pepper, and garlic.

· Mi Dou Fu is rice tofu made from rice milk. It is served with seasonings such as peanuts, pickles, and garlic.

· Xiao Mi Cha is a steamed rice cake.

Restaurants Serving Guizhou Food

Some popular restaurants offering Guizhou Food are:

· Gan Guo Ju, Nanjing Road (W), Shanghai

· Lao Tan, Longcao Road, Shanghai

· Qian Xiang Ge, Pucheng Lu, Pudong

· Qian Fu, Nanjing Road (W), Shanghai

Is Guizhou Food Healthy?

Guizhou food, although spicy, does meet the nutritional needs of the locals. Meat, such as chicken and pork are rich source of protein, and the vegetables supply the vitamins. Ingredients such as pepper, ginger, and garlic, which are used in most dishes, have medicinal effects. Pepper helps improve appetite and increase body temperature. Ginger can help with digestion and help reduce inflammation and nausea. Garlic is good for people suffering from high blood pressure and helps lower the blood pressure levels. It can also reduce the risk of certain cancers. The Gongbao chicken, for example, contains the protein found in chicken and the benefits of garlic and ginger. Glutinous rice provides the essential carbohydrate for the people. However, consuming too much meat-based dishes can result in increased cholesterol levels.

It should also be noted that eating hot food on a regular basis can have negative effects, as well. Spicy food can result in abdominal pain and can cause gastrointestinal diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome and ulcer. Taste buds can also be numbed due to constant exposure to hot food. Therefore, Guizhou food may be appropriate for the locals, but can be too strong for visitors.