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Ginger Noodle

Ginger noodle is a traditional Chinese dish of noodles cooked with ginger. The root vegetable is added to the dish during the cooking process and may comprise of grated ginger or sweet ginger sauce. The ginger lends a pungent flavor to the dish which is relished by the Asians,in particular.

There are quite a few variations of the ginger noodle recipes with Thai and Indonesian cuisines having their own versions. The Indo-Chinese cuisine also includes ginger in several recipes which are as popular as the authentic Chinese noodle dish.

While it is customary to use thin, egg noodles with ginger, the pan-fried noodle recipes of the Szechuan province use the thicker version. Soba or buckwheat noodles are also paired with ginger while cooking a variety of stir-fries, soup and noodle salads in Japan.

Ginger noodles form a part of the Chinese New Year celebrations across the world.

Ingredients and Preparation Overview of Ginger Noodles Recipe

Egg noodles, tofu, carrots and sliced ginger are the usual ingredients required for cooking the noodle dish. Tomato puree and soy sauce also serve as important ingredients while sesame oil is usually the medium of cooking although it is generally substituted with vegetable oil outside China. Scallions and bean sprouts, two of the most important vegetables of Chinese cuisine are often added to the ginger noodles as well.

The method of preparation does not vary greatly from the usual way of preparing stir-fries, soups or gravy based noodle dishes.

Variations of Ginger Noodles Recipe

The noodles are cooked with ginger in almost all parts of Asia. Some of the popular recipes include:-

  • Orange and Ginger Thai Noodles- A typical Thai dish prepared with flat noodles, fresh ginger, orange slices and greens. The fish sauce and egg is replaced with tofu in the vegan version of the dish.
  • Tuna & Ginger Noodle Salad- A salad prepared with sliced tuna, fresh ginger and boiled noodles; along with spinach, snow peas and soy sauce, customarily served with a drizzling of mirin or the Japanese wine, sake.
  • Bok Choy Noodle Soup- This is a Japanese dish containing freshly minced garlic, ginger and wheat-based udon noodles.


The well-known Nom Shim brand of Korean instant noodles also market it in the form of Beef & Ginger noodle soup.