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Fujian food is prepared in the Fujian province, which is located in the Southeast Coast of Mainland China. The cuisine is also called as 'Min Cuisine' and is primarily non-vegetarian, with seafood being the most common. The Fujian way of cooking brings out the real flavor of the ingredients, but is known to be lighter than the rest of the country.

Common Ingredients of Fujian Cuisine

As it is a coastal province, a variety of seafood is included in the everyday diet. These include fish, turtles, shellfish, oysters, shrimp, squid, scallop, and crab. Soy, mushrooms, bamboo, beans, peanuts, peppers are also commonly used. Meat varieties include chicken, duck, pork, and frog. Shrimp paste, fish sauce, and rice wine are used for seasoning. Red rice is also used.

Cooking Techniques

Fujian cuisine employs all types of cooking including deep frying, baking, grilling, boiling, stewing, and smoking. Cooking with red rice wine is a distinct feature of this cuisine. Red rice wine is used in frying, baking, and stir frying. These types of dishes are called drunken dishes.

Everyday Fujian Food

Soup and broth are consumed every day, and every meal is inclusive of a soup. Hot and sour soup, fishball soup, braised lamb soup, and noodle soup are some varieties of soups made here. Other common dishes include fried noodles, fried rice, and meat dishes. Wontons, which are dumplings, are consumed as a snack. Tea is a popular drink in the province. Tieguanyin tea and white tea are the two types of tea which are popular. Chayedan is a street food that comprises eggs which are hard boiled and cooked in tea.

Traditional Fare

Crab with eight delicacies, fo tiao qiang (also known as Buddha jumps over the wall), jar of delicacies, spareribs with sauce, snails cooked in wine lees are some of the traditional foods made in the Fujian province.

· The crab with eight delicacies is made with crabs, pork loin, duck gizzard, chicken, scallop, sea cucumber, shrimp, abalone, and bamboo shoots.

· Jar of delicacies is a similar dish made with shark’s fin and lips, ham, fish, chicken duck, and other types of meat.

· The most popular Fo Tiao Qiang is made with 30 similar ingredients.

· Tai chi taro is a dessert that is made with cooked taro nut, eggs, sugar, and oil.

· A light cake which is made with flour, salt, and sesame is also popular.

Health Information

Fujian cuisine predominantly consists of a variety of meat and seafood preparations. While these may be a source of protein and other nutrients, it can be cooked in such a way that it contains additional calories. Thick gravies and sauces made from sugar and cornstarch add to the calories. Fried rice and fried noodles also do their share in increasing the fat content. The high fat and cholesterol content from the meat is not considered good for the heart and may increase the chances of heart disease. However, steamed, poached, or broiled foods are fine for consumption.