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Dalian food refers to the food eaten in Dalian, an important port city in the Liaoning province of China. The food here is marked by the abundance of seafood dishes, as well as delicious beef and mutton grills. The cuisine is also known for its popular snacks like Men Zi and Corn Pancake.

Ingredients Commonly Used in Dalian Cuisine Foods

Seafood is a primary feature of the cuisine of Dalian, and dishes often contain fish, crabs, prawns, echinus, shells, abalone, algae and sea cucumbers. The location as well as the climate of this port city makes it a good place to find delicious and nutritious seafood.

Popular Dalian Cuisine Dishes

  • Steamed Scallops: It is a dish prepared by steaming fresh scallops along with lima beans, wines and sauces. They are served on pieces of egg white along with vegetables, and garnished with diced carrots. It is a light tasting dish with distinct seafood taste.
  • Stir-fried Prawn: It is a popular dish consisting of prawns that have been stir fried with spring onions, ginger and spices and stewed. It has an attractive bright appearance and fresh taste.
  • Men Zi: It is a Dallian snack prepared from pachyrhizus which is sliced and fried. It has a crispy texture. Seasonings of sesame, garlic and sauces are added to the dish which is often found in neighborhood food stalls. It is also available in packaged form in supermarkets.
  • Yan Xu Bing'zi: It is a dish consisting of salted baked fish and corn pancake. As per local legend, the pancake was carried by fishermen going out to catch fish, and eaten during lunch time with fresh fish that they baked.

Places Famous for Dalian Foods

WanbaoSeafood City or Wanbao Seafood Palace is famous for seafood, while Shuangshengyuan is an authentic seafood restaurant which boasts of a rich culinary tradition of seafood more than a century old. Matthew's Brazil Barbecue is known for its delicious Brazilian barbeque. Korean barbeque and cold noodles can be found in the region near Dalian Passenger Port. Tianjin Walking Street is a famous dining street serving delicious Dalian food.