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Chongqing food is the food eaten in Chonqing, one of the national central cities of China. Chonqing is considered to be the birthplace of the famous Sichuan cuisine. The food here is now a mix of Sichuan cuisine dishes and local specialties. The cuisine is different from the Chengdu style Sichuan cuisine in terms of the spiciness, which is much higher in Chongqing food. The specialty of the city is 'Hot pot', which consists of a central vat or pot where food boils in a spicy broth before being served to customers. Pickled vegetables and dumplings also form a significant element of the food. Chongqing's city center houses many popular restaurants and food stalls.

Popular Chongqing Cuisine Dishes

  • Chongqing Hotpot: It is a spicy hot pot available in salty as well as sweet & sour versions.
  • Gongbao jiding: It is a dish consisting of chicken pieces, peanuts and spices. The dish is considered to have been created by Ding Baozhen's cook. Ding Baozhen was an officer in the rule of the Qing dynasty.
  • Pork leg cooked with rock candy: It is a pork dish of red color and soft texture, which has a sweet after-taste.
  • Jiangtuan fish: It is a local fish that is steamed and known for its authentic flavor.
  • Sliced meat with crispy rice: The dish consists of soft cooked meat with crispy rice to contrast its texture and taste.
  • Stuffed Dumplings: They are small dumplings made of glutinous rice, which contain sweet filling. They are a very popular feature of Chonqing food.