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Chinese Vegetable

Chinese vegetable or vegetables include an array of vegetables which come from different parts of the plant. Every Chinese recipe has a healthy mix of vegetables used. Vegetables are popularly added to soups, salads and stir fries.

List of Chinese Vegetables

Leafy - Amaranth, Coriander, Choi Sum, bok choy

Root - Ginger,

Fruit - Bitter melon, Luffa

Ground - Kohlrabi, Takuchoy,

Beans - Edamame, Gai Lan, Snow peas

Cooking Chinese Vegetables

Vegetables are never over cooked in Chinese cuisines; care is taken to retain their nutrients. Vegetables are always sauteed lightly to retain their crunch, only some recipes require the vegetables to be boiled or pureed. Stir frying is the most popular method of cooking the vegetables; they are also added to soups while boiling. Every Chinese meal has a vegetable dish along with meat dishes. Some vegetables are also masked with sauce and served as main course.