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Chinese Omelette

Chinese omelette is a fried egg dish derived from the authentic Chinese cuisine. Though the Chinese cuisine has several omelette recipes, the most famous is the ‘Egg foo yung’ or ‘Egg foo yung’. It is an omelette consisting of ham and beaten egg. However, other ingredients may include vegetables and meats.

In addition to egg foo yung, many other Chinese omelettes are commonly served in different places. Some of them are Chinese noodles omelette, soy and pepper omelette and Oriental omelette with soy-fried summer greens.

Chinese Omelette Recipe Overview

The traditional Chinese omelette is generally deep-fried, but as trend changes, the homemade omelettes are mostly pan-fried. The ‘egg foo young’ is based on an elaborate recipe from Shanghai that calls for the minced ham and vegetables to be stuffed in egg pancake and deep-fried to make an authentic omelette. The recipe was slightly modified by the northern Chinese by replacing the minced ham with chicken, pork or shrimps. Vegetables that found their way in this egg recipe are green beans, bamboo shoots, peppers and shallots, spring onions, shredded cabbage and water chestnuts.

Some of the other Chinese fillings that go well with this dish are Chinese sausages, lobsters, chopped mushrooms, minced garlic, crunchy moon sprouts and even tofu. Seasonings may include soy sauce, chili sauce, five spice powder and vinegar along with commonly used salt and black pepper.

Some of the cooking tips that should be kept in mind while preparing a Chinese omelette are as follows:

  • The egg should not be vigorously beaten rather it should be lightly beaten without formation of bubbles.
  • Meats and vegetables should be thinly sliced to allow them to cook more evenly.
  • To attain more flavors from the vegetables it is better to blanch or stir-fry them before adding to the egg.
  • It is also advised by expert chefs to add both blanched and raw ingredients to the beaten egg rather than adding to the pan and pouring egg over them.
  • Chinese omelette is generally served with a brown sauce that should be prepared separately in advance and kept hot until omelette is ready.
  • The omelette can be prepared in small batches or a large omelette can be cut into wedges before serving.

Serving and Eating of Chinese Omelette

The brown sauce that normally accompanies the omelette in Chinese cuisine is served separately, i.e. poured over the egg while serving. Sweet and sour sauce with peas is also a great accompaniment to this dish. The Chinese omelette is often sandwiched between two bread slices and dressed with dill pickle and mayonnaise served with tomato slices and lettuce.


Many American Chinese restaurants in US serve a sandwich consisting of Chinese omelette in between. The sandwich is commonly known as ‘St. Paul Sandwich.