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Chinese Food Made Easy

Chinese Food Made Easy is the name of a popular prime time cookery show on BBC Two and BBC HD. Hosted by the renowned TV entrepreneur and food writer Ching He Huang, Chinese Food Made Easy has completed six episodes as of now and continues to be telecast at present.

The food series consists of simple and easy to make recipes which include several innovations by the host herself. Dim Sums, Noodles, Szechuan food, Fast food and desserts are all explained within the show. Ching He Huang’s sophistication and approachability have succeeded in capturing the young audience making the show a runaway success.

Celebratory foods are a part of the show as well and Ching He Huang often ends up whipping up a banquet on such events.

The Cooking Channel of USA has obtained the license for telecasting this food show across America and the show has been picked up by prominent channels across Iceland, Poland, Australia, New Zealand and Germany as well. Viewers located in Asia including, Korea, China and Taipei can see the show via BBC’s Lifestyle channel.

History of Chinese Food Made Easy

Chinese Food Made Easy premiered on BBC in 2008 and met with stupendous success. The show has since then debuted on The Cooking Channel in USA with the very first episode being aired on 31st May 2010. The well known host of the show, Ching He Huang emphasizes the use of light and healthy ingredients for cooking Chinese dishes dispelling the long perceived notion of Chinese cuisine being all about heavy sauces and MSGs.

Chinese Food Made Easy Format

The host of Chinese Food Made Easy, Ching He Huang explains the philosophy behind each and every dish before getting down to the actual nitty-gritty involved in preparing it. She also describes each and every technique which will help to bring out the best of every ingredient.

Noteworthy Episodes of Chinese Food Made Easy

Almost all episodes of the Chinese Food Made Easy have achieved popularity with quite a few of them being noteworthy.

• Episode 1: The Olympic winner Katherine Grainger was roped in for the very first episode of the show where she learnt how to cook sweet and sour pork.

• Episode 3: Ching He Huang creates an interesting array of Chinese sea food dishes which includes an innovative version of the popular fish and chips.

Chinese Food Made Easy: Trivia

A book containing the popular recipes of Chinese Food Made Easy has been published by Harper in June 2010.