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Chinese Dessert

Chinese desserts are traditional Chinese sweets or confectionaries usually served over with tea or meals. During meals, these desserts are served at the end of a meal. They vary from being simple fruits to prepared desserts using ingredients such as rice, fruits, bean pastes and agar. Chinese desserts made the traditional way are not frozen as they were contrived long time back when refrigeration technique was alien to them. The desserts can be made in different styles of desserts including- Bing, Candies, Gao, Jellies and Soups. Popular Chinese Dessert recipes include- Chinese Dessert Cookies, Chinese Chews, Chinese Baked Pears, Chinese Doughnuts and Chinese Almond Torte.

History of Chinese desserts
Chinese desserts have come a long way since history. They have been much favored delicacies by many dynasties that ruled China including the Ming dynasty. Frozen desserts were foremost explained as far back as 3000 BC by the Chinese who had crushed ice or snow with fruit juice or milk and sugar.

Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation of Chinese desserts
Chinese desserts commonly feature fruits as it is an ancient practice of the Chinese to eat fruits at the end of every meal. Fruit may be served fresh, chilled or by being marinated in a liqueur. Some ancient Chinese desserts include steamed fruit coated with honey syrup and steaming pears with honey and wine. Fritters, fruits coated with batter and fried and showered with sugar are also common. Rice is another prime ingredient used in Chinese Dessert recipes. Certain variants of tea are also served as desserts on occasions. Traditional Chinese desserts are seldom or never baked or refrigerated.

Popular Chinese dessert Recipes
Chinese Desserts although hailed from ancient recipes have assumed different forms, influenced by variations.
Peking dust is one among Chinese Dessert Recipes, which is actually a viscous mixture of fresh chestnuts and whipped cream invented in the early 1900s and changed further on.
Almond Tea is another Chinese Dessert recipe where originally it was prepared by hand crushing raw rice and almonds that have been replaced today by rice flour and almond paste with additions of agar-agar or unflavored gelatin.
Eight precious pudding or eight treasure pudding or eight precious rice is a rice pudding filled with colorful fruits including maraschino cherries and dates with each indicating a "treasure" - a precious stone such as ruby or jade.
Red Bean Paste pancakes are among the classic Chinese Desserts which are crepes made out of a batter of adzuki beans.