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Chinese Cake

Chinese cake is a sweet steamed dessert, made into different shapes and sizes to be eaten occasionally or as an after meal sweet dish. These cakes are generally steamed since not many Chinese houses have oven. These cakes come in a variety including moon cake, sponge cake, rice cake, green bake cake, engagement cake and New Year’s cake. These are made with almonds, coconut and jujubes. Each of the cakes has some significance and is eaten depending on the day and the occasion.


Moon Cake : Moon cake is a small round moon-like cake surrounded by flaky golden crust. This cake is generally made at bakery due to cumbersome procedure to prepare it. It consists of flour, baking soda, moon cake golden syrup, red wine, pine nuts, powdered ginger, beef, brown sugar, preserved plums, jujubes, and lotus seeds.

Eating and Serving: These cakes are served and eaten during the mid-autumn festival.

New Year Cake : Chinese New Year’s cake is also called as Nian Gao, which is made of brown sugar, rice, and has a sticky texture. These cakes come in a variety of shapes, and sizes and consist of eggs, nuts, milk, sugar, flour, and lemon juice.

Eating and Serving: These cakes are served in restaurants and eaten during the Chinese New Year season.

Chinese Sponge Cake: This cake is made of flour, milk, sugar, eggs, black sesame seeds, oil, and cream of tarter.

Serving and Eating: This cake is a favorite in Chinese homes and is mostly seen in every home’s kitchen. It is eaten mainly after the meal as a sweet dish.

Green Been Cake: This cake is made of sugar, flour, oil, and green beans powder.

Eating and Serving: This cake is eaten and served during the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival held in the summer season.