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Chinese Burger

Chinese burger is a popular snack food option in the Chinese cuisine, which dates back to the times of the Ming Dynasty. As the story goes, the Zhudi army had no food; the soldiers started killing their horses and started putting that meat between buns. The results were some delicious burgers. This was practiced by the local population with other meats and the Chinese Burger became a popular food item.


Donkey Burger: It is one of the first burger preferences that evolved in China. This is a kind of hot sandwich essentially eaten in Baoding region. The chopped and shredded meat of donkey is put between buns. It is also a popular form of street food.

Famous restaurants serving this burger are the "Great Flavor" and the "Old Donkey Head".

Eating and Serving: The Donkey burger is either eaten as a kind of snack or as a meal.

Tari Burger: The region of Penang is famous for this burger. The burger is very different form the western style of burgers. This type of burger usually uses a mixture of meats. It can be easily customized to cater to one’s tastes. The Tari restaurant in Penang serves the best Tari burgers.

Eating and Serving: It is served by most burger stalls of the city and is eaten as a snack by the majority of people.

Rou jia mo- This burger originated in Shaanxi Province and essentially means a “meat burger”. For this burger pork is stewed in a soupy mixture of several herbs and brought to a sloppy concentration. In the Muslim areas of Xi’an the alternative filling of beef is used in this burger. In the region of Gansu, the burger is prepared using lamb.

Eating and Serving: Burger served in “mo”, a kind of flatbread. As it is consumed in almost all the parts of China. The preparation makes use of commonly available meat.