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Chinese Bun

Chinese bun is popularly known as bāozi and is essentially steamed, bread like item, stuffed with various types of fillings. The fillings may include meat or vegetables. The Chinese bun was an invention of a scholar and a military strategist named Zhug Liang, who lived in the third century.

Types of Chinese Bun

Charsiu bau- This bun is filled using pork which is barbecue flavored. A typical Cantonese cuisine,it is eaten in province of Guangdong and also Hong Kong.

Eating and Serving: It is served in steamers and eaten as a snack by the people.

Xiaolongbao: This is a meat filled, small baozi that contains a broth. It comes prepared with thin leavened dough and is extremely succulent. It is said to resemble Jiaozi rather than baos.

Eating and Serving: Served in a platter, along with soy sauce due to its sloppy nature.

Goubuli baozi: This Chinese bun is a definite eat as compared to other types. A meat stuffed baozi, the bun originated in Tianjini located in regions of Northern China. The name Goubuli Bouzi literally means the words "Dogs Will Ignore".

Eating and Serving: A delicious favorite, the bun is served on platter and eaten as a snack or a small meal.

Kaya-baozi - Another bun which is popular favorite, it is stuffed using Kaya, a kind of jam specially made using coconut, pandan as well as eggs. It is a popular option even in Singapore as well as in Malaysia.

Eating and Serving: it is served in several popular restaurants and the bun is served with some chili sauce to add zing to the flavor.

Tangbaozi: This is a soup stuffed baozi from the region of Yangzhou. It has a small size and is teamed with some rich soup.

Eating and Serving: It is eaten using a straw, because of the soup and is served in a bowl along with the bun.