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Chinese Broth

Chinese broth is a soup traditionally consumed in China and lacks any use of dairy products like milk and cream. The broth is thickened by using starches of corn and sweet potato. As the Chinese broth is eaten as a main dish or just served with little embellishment, the stock of the soup is main and must have all the nutrition value.


Superior broth: These are dark broth concocted from chicken and the Jinhua ham. The rich, umami broth can be used as a base for other expensive soups of shark fin and wonton.

Eating and Serving: This broth is served as well as eaten on occasion of mid-autumn festival.

Chicken Broth: A basic broth that is used to create most of the other Chinese soups. Its flavor may further be augmented using wolfberry, liquorice root and other herbs.

Eating and Serving: This broth is popularly served in restaurants and eaten as a part of meal in homes.

White Broth: These are prepared using blanched bones of pork that must be boiled for many hours vigorously before preparing the broth. It is a milky broth and white in color which is used in the ramen soups.

Eating and Serving: This broth is a mouthful and eaten either with the dinner or separately as a meal itself.

Pork Broth: The Chinese soups using lean pork are long simmered for the meat to cook. Pork broth is used as a base for several of these soups. Some particular roots, vegetables, fungi and herbs are also added to this mixture in order to enhance the flavor.

Eating and Serving: The broth is a special treat and served only on certain occasions as it takes a lot of time in preparation.

Fish broth: These are prepared using fish that is fried as well as boiled for many hours. The broth has a rich white milky appearance along with the taste of sweet umami.

Eating and serving: It is frequently cooked and served in regions near the sea.